Here's Why You Should Mount Snow Tires on Your Hyundai

Colder weather is coming to all of us here in the White River Junction area, and with that comes many things. Sweater weather. All things pumpkin-related. Nights spent in catching up on your favorite shows and beating the cold. But something else can come along with colder weather, too – inclement weather conditions.

Whether it's extreme rain, hail, or snow, the colder seasons here in the Hanover, NH area can create weather conditions that make for some scary driving situations. While modern Hyundai models are equipped with a wide range of safety features aimed at making every drive safer – including available all-wheel-drive – there's still no substitute for safe, defensive driving. Or good tires.

The Importance of Good Tires

At the White River Hyundai parts center, serving Lebanon, NH, and the surrounding areas, we're here to remind you just how important tires are in keeping you and your passengers safe! Tires that are sufficiently new have adequate tread depth and even wear, and tires that fit your car precisely are so important! That's because tires are the one component of your Hyundai that make contact with the road!

Why Buy Winter Tires?

Why purchase a set of dedicated winter or snow tires for your travels near Claremont, NH? You can have all-season tires fitted on your Hyundai that are brand new, but even these won't offer the same level of traction that a set of snow tires will! What's more, though all-season tires can be used even in snowy conditions, winter tires are the best option for stopping power, emergency maneuverability, and more, when conditions get snowy, icy, or slick. Plus, when you alternate between winter and summer tires, each set effectively lasts longer, since you're only using it for part of the year, and then switching to the other set the next season!

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